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“Sustainability is not just about adopting the latest energy-efficient technologies or turning to renewable sources of power. Sustainability is the responsibility of every individual every day. It is about changing our behaviour and mindset to reduce power and water consumption, thereby helping to control emissions and pollution levels.”

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The Growing Demand for Professionals in Sustainability

In line with the global shift towards sustainability, the demand for professionals in various sustainability roles is experiencing a significant upswing in the Netherlands. Sustainability jobs encompass a wide array of positions aimed at promoting eco-friendly practices, resource efficiency, waste reduction, and sustainable development. The growing emphasis on sustainability across industries and the nation’s ambitious environmental goals have propelled the need for skilled individuals who can drive sustainable initiatives and contribute to a greener and more sustainable future.

Diverse Job Opportunities in the Sustainability Industry

Our platform provides various job opportunities, including within the sustainability field, in the Netherlands. Whether you are a fresh graduate or have years of valuable experience, we have the perfect fit waiting for you. We provide job opportunities in the following positions, among others:


Communication and Engagement Roles

  • Sustainability Communications Specialist/Manager
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Manager
  • Sustainability Outreach Coordinator
  • Public Relations Manager (Sustainability)
  • Environmental Education Coordinator
  • Sales Representative (Specializing in Sustainability)
  • Stakeholder Engagement Manager
  • Sustainability Marketing Manager


Research and Analysis Roles

  • Sustainability Analyst
  • Environmental Scientist
  • Corporate Sustainability Analyst
  • Climate Change Analyst
  • Sustainable Development Researcher
  • ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) Analyst
  • Sustainability Data Analyst


Operational and Implementation Roles

  • Sustainability Coordinator
  • Sustainability Project Manager
  • Energy Efficiency Manager
  • Waste Reduction Manager
  • Green Building Coordinator
  • Sustainable Supply Chain Manager
  • Environmental Compliance Officer


Strategic Roles

  • Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO)
  • Director of Sustainability
  • Sustainability Strategy Manager
  • Sustainable Business Development Manager
  • Environmental Policy Advisor
  • Corporate Sustainability Director
  • Sustainable Investment Strategist


Near-Future Roles and Fields of Expertise

  • Climate Adaptation Specialist
  • Circular Economy Strategist
  • Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Engineer
  • Sustainability Data Scientist
  • Biodiversity Conservation Specialist
  • Sustainable Transportation Planne
  • Regenerative Agriculture Consultant

Be Part of the Cause

We collaborate and work closely together with companies and organizations dedicated to propelling sustainable practices and championing environmental responsibility. These institutions actively seek motivated and talented individuals like you, who can dream the dream together and play a crucial role in contributing positively to the global movement of clean energy transition.

Comprehensive Support and Resources

In addition to our extensive job listings, we provide a range of resources and support services to assist you in securing your dream position. Our offerings include professional guidance on creating impactful resumes and cover letters, interview coaching, networking opportunities, and real-time updates on the latest trends and breakthroughs in the renewable energy industry.

Explore Your Future in the Sustainability Industry

Join us today in our shared mission to construct a more sustainable future. Explore our job openings in the Sustainability Industry in the Netherlands now and take your first step towards a meaningful career in this sector.

No Poverty Quality Education Gender Equality Decent work and Economic Growth Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure Reduced Inequalities Sustainable Cities and Communities Responsible Consumption and Production Climate Action Partnerships for the Goals

No Poverty

Our platform goes beyond listing jobs; it's a curated space where job seekers and employers unite with a shared commitment to sustainability. Through rigorous vetting, we ensure each job opportunity directly corresponds with one or more SDGs. Whether it's climate action, responsible consumption, or gender equality, every listing is a stepping stone towards a more sustainable world.

Quality Education

Sustainability jobs require specific skill sets that contribute to tangible SDG progress. We bridge the gap between skills and impact by offering resources, workshops, and learning materials. By doing so, we support SDG 4 (Quality Education) and SDG 8 (Decent Work and Economic Growth), fostering a skilled workforce capable of driving change.

Gender Equality

Our commitment to inclusivity aligns with SDG 5 (Gender Equality) and SDG 10 (Reduced Inequality). We actively encourage employers to embrace diversity, ensuring that opportunities are accessible to all. By fostering a diverse talent pool, we catalyze innovative solutions that accelerate progress towards SDG targets.

Decent work and Economic Growth

In the quest for a sustainable future, collaboration is key. Our platform is the bridge that connects businesses committed to SDGs with talents who share their vision. Each new connection enhances the collective effort towards achieving the SDG milestones set for the Netherlands and beyond.

Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Our platform accelerates SDG 9 by spurring innovation and sustainable infrastructure for solar energy. Connecting job seekers with pioneering companies catalyzes the shift to renewables.

Reduced Inequalities

Our commitment to inclusivity aligns with SDG 5 (Gender Equality) and SDG 10 (Reduced Inequality). We actively encourage employers to embrace diversity, ensuring that opportunities are accessible to all. By fostering a diverse talent pool, we catalyze innovative solutions that accelerate progress towards SDG targets.

Sustainable Cities and Communities

Urban sustainability is paramount in our mission. Our platform spotlights roles that shape sustainable urban development, such as green infrastructure designers and sustainable transportation specialists. By connecting professionals with positions that drive sustainable communities, we actively contribute to the objectives of SDG 11.

Responsible Consumption and Production

The journey towards sustainability begins within organizations. We collaborate closely with employers, advocating for environmentally conscious practices within their operations. From promoting green initiatives to adopting circular economy principles, we contribute to SDG 12 (Responsible Consumption and Production) while nurturing a culture of sustainability.

Climate Action

Our role extends beyond job listings. We serve as a hub for educational content, success stories, and news that shed light on sustainable practices. By spreading awareness, we empower individuals to take SDG-centered actions in both their professional and personal spheres.

Partnerships for the Goals

Transparency holds the foundation of our initiatives. We consistently measure and evaluate our platform's impact in terms of SDG integration. Through data analysis and reporting, we provide insights into how the sustainable job market in the Netherlands is contributing to a brighter future in line with SDG 17 (Partnerships for the Goals).

Different Views on Sustainability in the Netherlands.

The Netherlands is a leader in sustainable business practices due to its unique geographical advantages, government incentives, and a strong focus on renewable energy, particularly in wind and solar power. Verum Artes emphasizes sustainable collaboration and innovation to contribute to a greener global business landscape.

The environmental sector in the Netherlands has seen substantial growth, contributing 2.56% to the GDP, up from 1.66% over the past two decades. This expansion has led to increased employment opportunities, especially in renewable energy, highlighting the country’s dedication to sustainability.

The Netherlands is on a path to a sustainable future, committed to achieving zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. Through their Energy Agenda, they’re focusing on low-carbon energy sources, offering incentives for sustainable investments, and creating opportunities for professionals in the sustainable energy sector.

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